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I write highly effective, compelling and informative SEO Content that hits Google Front page. I work primarily with B2B, SaaS and Tech companies.

Taiwo catapurt us to Google's Front page. We still can't belive it

"Taiwo is such a pleasure to work with. We have been struggling to get our website indexed by Google for the past 2 years. We tried all kinds of SEO recommendations until we came in contact with Taiwo. He didn't just help us index our website. He actually catapults us to Google's front page. Still pretty amazing till today."

Jane Doe

Anything Business Management and SaaS writing, this is our best guy

"Taiwo communication was top-notch, he met all deadlines, and his skills were reasonably strong.  Communication was amazing and delivery of work was quick. Highly recommend working with him and I have reached out to continue working with Taiwo in other avenues. 7-star hire!!!""

Shane Melaugh

generic content won't generate you money

Yo! I am also an Entrepreneur, making waves in the media industry.

I have been in the digital space for the past 5 years, helping businesses like Michestdon, Kimbino, and hundreds of others grow their revenue through effective SEO content marketing.


Through my 5 years of experience as an SEO content writer, consultant, and strategist, there is something I can tell you with my full chest. Generic content won't fetch you sh!t.

In fact, generic content won't help you rank on the Google engine result page.

HOW? The answer is simple, how do you want to rank a dub article, copied on the internet and rewritten in a cunning way to make it seem unique and published straight on your website?

Sorry boss, it doesn't work that way.

Good SEO content should be

  • Comprehensive
  • Engaging
  • Persuasive
  • Drive action
  • Rank on Google for multiple search phrases
  • and get results

And that is why I am here, with a ray of sunshine, to help you create high-quality SEO content that dominates Google's front page like a king and fetch you more money. 

                Fields I currently specialized in

  • Cloud Computing Software: SaaS, PaaS and Iaas
  • Blockchain: Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Web3 
  • Entreneurship and Business Management
  • B2B Ecommerce

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